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Hi there i'm KIM HOLBROOK lead investigator and founder of true time paranormal investigations crew or T.T.P.I.C ..A bit about us we are a non-profit organization based out of BISMARCK,NORTH DAKOTA, we want to help people understand that "JUST BECAUSE YOU DONT UNDERSTAND SOMETHING DOESNT MEAN YOU HAVE TO FEAR IT.OR JUDGE OTHERS THAT DO" .We hope to help bring prof of paranormal existence and after life. Ok with all that said some of the investigations we have done are...FORT LINCOLN STATE PARK(three times)..GLADSTONE SCHOOL IN GLADSTONE,NORTH DAKOTA,(three times). as well as several PERSONAL RESIDENCES IN BISMARCK,NORTH DAKOTA,. the SAWYER BAR in sawyer ,nd..We have also investigated another location but as pur the clients request they want it kept confidential..WE RESPECT ALL OUR CLIENTS WISHES SO THEREFORE WE DO NOT DISCLOSE LOCATIONS WITH OUT PERMISSION FIRST..We have cleansed several places before we are new to the cleansing area of the also please go check out this amazing site these guys are so great  

THE TEAM-MICHELLE STOXEN 2ND LEAD INVESTIGATOR AND CO-FOUNDER--OUR CONTACT INFO IS AS FOLLOWS twitter @truetimeparanor facebook Kimberly holbrook(true time paranormal) on facebook as well my cell phone is (701)425-7634--.We treat any investigations with respect and take what we do very seriously .We stay in contact with our clients to make sure that everything is still going ok if you or anyone you know needs help we are here for you thank you for taking the time to get to know a little bout the team feel free to contact us if you have any questions

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