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My rant

Posted by true.time.paranormal on April 6, 2016 at 3:45 PM
I've met zak Nick and Aaron and Jeff and Dave Billy and Jay there are the sweetest most down to earth guys out there I was in Bannock Mt Ghost town when they were there filming .my dad was the sherif on that is just the 3 guys and Billy and Jay well I should say it was just them there THEY ARE NOT FAKE ! it pisses me off when people say that ! They do there research. But being in the paranormal field myself I know first hand that it is hard to get all accurate information all the time even more so with history dated back as far as the places they do ...I 100% believe and stand behind the gacrew they are an inspiration to me and my team and I have the utmost respect for them thus field is hard to do with all the people talking everyone down just because they don't believe...if someone don't believe then stay there nose out of the field and let us do what we do ....there are so many challenges we face already we don't need more thumpers mom always said if you ain't got nuffin nice to say don't say nuffin at all ...there sorry my rant is done

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